CCTV System Design


Our CCTV system design team will create the perfect CCTV system to protect your property, providing the right CCTV equipment fitted in the right place to give you the best possible view of the protected area’s coupled with user friendly reliable control. We provide our CCTV services from our office in Neston near Parkgate, the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, Cheshire, North Wales and around North West UK.


CCTV Installation


With many years of CCTV installation experience our CCTV installers can install your new CCTV camera system quickly and efficiently paying particular attention to hiding wires and connections, after all we wouldn’t want ugly wiring on show around our homes either, so you’re in good hands, whether you are local to us in Neston / Parkgate, on the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, Cheshire and across the North West and North Wales.

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CCTV System Maintenance


After the CCTV systems installation is complete we provide a “here when you need us” CCTV maintenance service including emergency callout and annual corrective CCTV maintenance engineer visits to keep your CCTV system well maintained and working properly, in Little Neston, Neston near Parkgate and around the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, Cheshire, North Wales, across North West UK.

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CCTV Monitoring Services


For additional peace of mind and to comply with more and more insurance policy requirements we offer a remote CCTV monitoring service which watches over your CCTV system 24/7, this is a very cost effective service which gives you the knowledge that even if you can’t be there, we always are. Imagine being able to view what’s happening at home or at work without actually being there! Well, all of our CCTV systems come with the ability for you to simply and securely login via our free mobile security app to check that the kid’s are home from school or that your office is locked up at night and in conjunction with one of our intelligent alarm systems, if you get an alarm condition you can login to the cameras to investigate what’s happening before you call the police.

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We are ICO Registered GDPR (Data Protection).

In both, the residential and commercial markets, the use of CCTV images for prosecution and evidential purposes has risen dramatically over the past few years and it’s be proven that CCTV cameras can actually reduce the possibility of criminal activity just by acting as a visual deterrent, so more and more people are having CCTV systems fitted.

Here at AP Mitchell we will ensure that the correct camera type is fitted in the correct location to capture the best possible angle and resolution, as most criminal activity occurs after dark, infrared night vision is vital, and that the recording equipment is simple to use and is capable of providing the quality of image you expect over the recording time period you require.

We only install high quality HD 1080p and 4K cameras which have infrared illumination and vandal resistance as standard.

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